Jaiden Finch is the stripper. He is eighteen years old, and is a seductive senior. Jaiden looks a lot like Max Irons and he is an open role.

“I drop it like it’s hot. Baby, bolt. A little bit of fun for your soul.’”

+ seductive, kind, confident
- selfish, neurotic, bossy

| Personality

Jaiden is that good type of guy, always trying his best to make others smile. He isn’t one to bring people down to make himself feel better and tries to be as friendly and honest as possible. Often you will find Jaiden befriending the kids sitting by themselves and they who are refused by the society to make sure they are all fine and happy. He isn’t particularly fan of the bullies at school who always go after the weakest, and tends to come to their defense. In the friend group consisting of him, Kyle Merwin, Kael Payne, Ethan Anderson and Ashton Suttle, Jaiden is the boy who always make sure they all behave. Not according to the school’s rules, no, Jaiden is quite fond of partying and having fun, but according to his own ethics.

Jaiden might be all warm and friendly most of the time, but he can get a bit selfish. He isn’t proud of it, but sometimes he does things only because they will benefit himself. But Jaiden is an overall good guy, and regrets every bad thing he does, and all the bad impulses he has. Jaiden is a little neurotic and often thinks about what might go wrong if he does this and what may go wrong if he does that. Sometimes he has to take a break from his life because his nerves can’t handle the pressure of school, lacrosse, friends, drama and a lot of noise very well. But Jaiden tends to pull through just fine after a couple of hours of quiet. When Jaiden gets bossy it is with the best of intentions. He often bosses people around but it is more often in their favor than in his own. Because Jaiden is a very bright guy, and knows the difference between right and wrong.

| Background

Jaiden grew up in an orphanage, his parents having both died in a car crash not long after he was born. At that orphanage he met Diana Heron and they became the best of friends. She was a gorgeous girl and when Jaiden started to notice girls for real, he fell head over heels in love with Diana. He watched her become the model everyone knew she would be and more than often would come with her to her photoshoots and watch her magic. Of course, seeing the gorgeous girl he had always known in her right element didn’t exactly put an end to Jaiden’s crush. But Diana grew cold. The girl had never been much of a sunshine, but with her fame and fortune, Jaiden saw Diana just grow colder and colder, more unhappy with every day passing them by. They grew apart. They would always remain friends and Jaiden was still so in love with her, but their careers brought them in two different directions and Diana and Jaiden weren’t Diana and Jaiden anymore.

While Diana gave everything for her modeling career, Jaiden went in another direction himself. It had started as a little joke, where him and some of his friends had sneaked out one night to visit a strip club. Jaiden was very fond of partying and had had a couple of drinks too many and stayed after hours for some more fun, having gotten a connection with a few of the strippers there. The gorgeous women had put on a show for him and his friends and eventually persuaded Jaiden to try too. They had cheered him on, tipped him and everything and in the end, Jaiden realized he loved it. He was a natural, seductive from nature and as graceful as he had to be. Jaiden’s new profession became taking his clothes off for money, and he loved it. The attention gave him such a rush, and he earned all the money he could need. But just as it was going really good for him, he got a call about Diana who was having a breakdown and needed someone with her. Jaiden had seen how much Diana had struggled with her modeling career and decided that enough was enough. Giving up his own career, Jaiden got him and his childhood friend into Barlow Academy in hope Diana would get better without all the pressure. When Jaiden arrived Barlow, he met his best friend Kyle Merwin, and they grew extremely close pretty fast. But the person who Jaiden could never get off his mind was Clea Tyson, Kyle’s girlfriend. The girl was small and probably Diana’s opposite in every way, but Clea was just as gorgeous as Diana, if not more. Jaiden had started to realize that Diana would never return his feelings and he let her go, falling hard and fast in love with Clea instead. It is hard when the girl you are in love with is the brother you always wanted’s girlfriend.

| Relationships

  • Is best friends with Kyle Merwin, and they always have each other’s backs. Kyle and Jaiden have a really special relationship where they are willing to do absolutely anything for each other. But that doesn’t mean Jaiden doesn’t get furious with Kyle when Kyle treats his own girlfriend badly.
  • Clea is the girl Jaiden loves, and he likes making her laugh. Even though he has sworn to himself not to let it get any further, he constantly finds himself trying to talk and be close to her. He knows it needs to end, but something about the small girl with the silver hair just has him hooked.
  • Diana is still one of Jaiden’s best friends, even if they aren’t as close as they were anymore. They still hang out from time to time, and he still loves her. But the love has become more like the one you have for your friend rather than the one you have for a girlfriend.
  • Is a member of the friend group consisting of Ethan Anderson, who he often gets at for being rude to women. Ashton Suttle, whom he has taken under his wing and protects like the guy is his little brother. Kael Payne, who he also gets at for unnecessarily being an asshole and Kyle Merwin. The group fights a lot but in the end, they are all very close. Abnormally close for a guy-group, but none of them would have it any other way.

| Additional info

  • Has a hate/love relationship with his stripping past. He doesn’t like people knowing about it because it gives them a reason to tease him, but he misses the attention and the money.

For the one who sows to his own flesh, will from the flesh reap corruption. | Barlow Academy.

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